Let’s get together…

So… you’re looking for a good match for WriteMentor? Let me direct you to my Tinder profile… only joking (though this does feel like an online dating agency). Hi! I’m Caroline, curly copper hair, GSOH, non-smoker…

Let’s start again.

I’m Caroline. I’m British and live in Newcastle, in the north-east of England – a recent returnee, having spent 11 years in Hong Kong and 2 years in Singapore. My four boys were all born in Asia (and my Greek husband was born and brought up in Kenya), so we’re quite an international family. Before kids, I was a magazine editor for several years before freelancing, specialising in interior design.

I started writing for children in 2015, joining SCBWI in Hong Kong. I had found my tribe! In 2017, I returned to the UK and entered my MG contemporary realistic manuscript in the Joan Aiken Future Classics competition. It was shortlisted and off the back of that (plus lots of edits), I got my agent. The book went on sub, but didn’t find a home, so I’m finishing another manuscript (MG funny fiction). The opening chapter was Highly Commended in the Winchester Writers’ Festival Funny Fiction competition – so here’s hoping publishers like it too…

I mentored in WriteMentor’s inaugural year in 2018. One of my mentees got an agent and a publishing deal a few months later. There’s an interview with Andrew here: AJ Sass success story As he says, I made him work hard and do lots of background stuff before actually starting on edits (which may be frustrating for some people). I really enjoyed the editing process, looking at big picture stuff (structure, plot, characterisation) and finer details (line edits, consistency, dialogue).

But enough about me… what about you? What are you writing? If you have a Middle Grade (age 8-12) manuscript that is funny or sad, contemporary or historical, realistic or fantastic or science-fictive, send it to me. (I hate to exclude, but I’m not the person for horror or paranormal. Just not my thing.)

I’m looking for a hard worker who is open to suggestions. You don’t have to follow every suggestion I make, but I’d like to be able to have honest and constructive discussions about what does and doesn’t work. You have to let your defences down and be vulnerable. No egos allowed.

So if you think this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship… sub to me!

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